Information Technology

                                                                      The “IT” City


The City of Sebastian has been in the forefront of Information Technology (IT) on the Florida Treasure Coast for more than decade. The City constantly upgrades its computer networks, websites and software to provide the best, most efficient services to our citizens and businesses. This all helps make interaction with the City efficient and much less time and money consuming.


Most public meetings including City Council and Planning & Zoning are telecast live on Comcast, AT&T UVerse and web streaming. Click here to see meeting repeats on YouTube.  This helps provide a more informed citizenry and businesses.


Complete City financial records, budgets and audits are available on line for current and past years. Click here to see City budget and financial records. You can check the financial health of the City at any time.


Most City records including meeting agendas and minutes, contracts and agreements, City rules, regulations and resolutions are all available on line. Click here to search City records.


City has active websites covering the City government, click here, Municipal Airport, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, golf course and retirement in Sebastian.


Sebastian’s Building Department is in the process of upgrading its software systems to include on line permit applications, inspection requests, contractor registration, business tax filings and payments as well as a “citizens portal” for registering citizen complaints.   Click here    to see the latest information about Building Department software. The Building Department expects to have all of the new software active by early  2018.


City has a modern, newly updated Information Technology system connecting all buildings in the City by fiber optic cable. Computer hardware in changed on a five year rotating basis to insure the latest technology is in place.


What does this mean for a business looking to located to Sebastian?


You can locate practically any piece on information about Sebastian and work with our Building Department from the comfort of your office.


If you plan to build a facility in Sebastian, most all interactions with the Building Department can be done on line. Your builder or contractor can file for various permits on line, check for permit approval, schedule inspections and view inspection results. All of this is designed to save both the City and the owner time and money.


Locate your new business in Sebastian. We are ready to assist you with our modern digital and communications systems to save you time and money as you bring your new business to fruition in Sebastian.